Q: If I start the online employment application and can’t finish at that moment, can I come back to finish it later?
A: Yes. If you are not finished and want to come back later to complete your application, save your document as a Draft. Keep in mind, you cannot be considered for a job until you complete the online application and save it as a Final version.

Q: I already uploaded my resumé and filled out my contact information, isn’t that my application?
A: No. You have completed your profile. The application is separate and is triggered once you’ve clicked Apply for a specific job.

Q: What is the difference between saving my application as a Draft and saving it as a Final version?
A: There are two ways to save your application.

  • Save as Final – This locks your application and submits it instantly for the job you are applying for. Once you save your application as final, you will not be able to make corrections.
  • Save as Draft – This saves your application if you are not ready to finish it at that time. If you save it as a Draft, you may edit any information you’ve included on your application.

Q: Every time I apply for a position, I get an e-mail instructing me to fill out an application. I’ve already filled one out. Do I need to do another?
A: If you have already completed the employment application and saved it as the final version, the process is complete. The system automatically generates that e-mail to all job seekers.

Q: I can’t log in to the Career Center. This is the message I receive: “Sorry, your profile cannot be updated or modified at this time. If you feel you have received this message in error, please notify your primary contact at Cascadia Behavioral Health.”
A: Please be sure you are logging into the Career Center from our website. You are likely receiving this message because you are trying to login to the employment application which has already been submitted as a final version.

Q: I’m filling out the employment application. I don’t have the option to select a state in the employment and education areas of the application. What should I do?
A: People who use a Mac computer may have difficulties with our online forms because of the browser they are using. Consider changing your browser to Internet Explorer or Firefox.