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Watch our video to learn how your support is life changing.

Mental illness affects people of all ages.

For youth experiencing a mental health challenge, it can have lifelong effects on their development, negatively affect their performance in school and cause social isolation from friends and family.

We see the individual needs of each client and care for the whole person. Our approach is family-centered, personalized and compassionate. We have a coordinated care team of providers working together to support the health goals of our youngest clients.

Join us with your gift today to help establish the new Garlington Health Center, providing whole health services for people of all ages. An innovative model of care with onsite mental health services, addiction treatment, primary care and wellness programs all in one place. When the people we serve achieve improved health, we know that this gives back in many ways to our whole community.

Your gift today provides our community’s most vulnerable members access to whole health care services. When mental health is addressed alongside a person’s physical health, we see improvements in that person’s ability to thrive.

Together, we can do this.

We ask you to please consider making your support at a gift level that is meaningful to you — no matter the amount you can give today, $25, $50, $250 or $500, your gift is significant.

Your generous support will help to establish the new Garlington Health Center and share in our goal to improve the quality of health for all Oregonians. To learn more about our Garlington Health Center Campaign, click here.