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Ways to Give

Our community of supporters is the bridge for helping Cascadia serve individuals and families in need.  Join us in Bridging a Culture of Caring by making a gift today.


Give Here.

(503) 963-7799

Give by Mail/Check

Make checks payable to Cascadia Behavioral Healthcare
Office of Philanthropy
PO Box 8459
Portland, OR 97207

Gifts in Kind

Non-cash gifts such as clothing, blankets and other items.

Making a Gift by Stock?

For donors who wish to make a stock gift transfer to Cascadia Behavioral Healthcare you can do so by contacting your broker today to order shares of stock to be transferred as a charitable contribution.

Your gift will provide immediate charitable support of Cascadia Behavioral Healthcare while directly saving you any capital gains tax on appreciated stocks.

APPRECIATED STOCK: In order to retain the tax benefits for yourself, do NOT sell appreciated shares of stock. Transfer the stock through a broker as a charitable gift to Cascadia Behavioral Healthcare.

DEPRECIATED STOCK: If your stock has decreased in value from your original purchase/cost, consider selling the stock first and then donate the cash to support Cascadia Behavioral Healthcare. This will allow you to take a capital loss deduction on your income tax and a charitable deduction for the full amount of your donation.

Making a stock gift transfer or a transfer of stock certificates through your broker:

Provide your broker the following information:
(1) Prepare a letter with directions to your broker or call your broker today to initiate your gift to Cascadia.

(2) Notify Cascadia’s Philanthropy Office of your plans to make a gift of stock by calling Deniz Conger at 503-963-7799.

(3) Provide the account and stock transfer details to your broker.

Cascadia Behavioral Healthcare’s Brokerage Firm is KeyBank National Association
Account Name: Cascadia Behavioral Healthcare
Tax Exemption ID: 93-0770054
Account Number: 0183374
DTC Number: 2205
Brokerage Firm: KeyBank National Association

Attn: Agnes Marountas NonProfit Services, OH-01-10-0932

100 Public Square, Suite 600

Cleveland, OH  44113


Deniz Conger, 503.963.7799 or deniz.conger@cascadiabhc.org

Shopping with a Cause

Recycle your Bottles and Cans

Call 503-927-0630 or email give@cascadiabhc.org to receive your BottleDrop blue recycling bag

The blue bags have a special bar code indicating that this is a donation for Cascadia

Fill the bag with empty cans and bottles

Drop the bottles off at any conveniently located BottleDrop center. There is an outside drop box at each location that makes the process  quick and easy

If you already have a BottleDrop account you can designate your funds to Cascadia on their website

The funds from the cans and bottles will be sent directly to Cascadia and used to support Cascadia programs

Gift Planning/Estate Gifts

  • Bequest– a gift given through your will or trust.
  • Gift annuities– a gift of cash or property made by the donor to a charity that agrees to make fixed payments (income distribution to the donor is based on donor’s age) for the remainder of donor’s life. The donor enjoys a steady income and benefit to the charity at a later time.
  • Life insurance– Cascadia Behavioral Healthcare can receive all or part of the proceeds of a policy that you no longer need.
  • Charitable Remainder Trusts– Aside from ensuring a substantial contribution to a favorite charity, these irrevocable trusts can help individuals and families defer capital gains taxes, increase spendable income from unproductive investments, qualify for charitable income tax deductions and reduce or eliminate estate tax liabilities.
  • Gifts of real property– including a gift of a remainder interest in a home where you live.
  • Gifts of retirement account assets– you can designate in your estate plans, including a will or trust.
  • IRA accounts– tax-free “rollovers” to benefit from an IRA account.

Bequest/Will Sample Language

Dollar amount designation: “I give/bequeath to Cascadia Behavioral Healthcare, a nonprofit organization in Portland, Oregon with Tax ID Number 93-0770054, $XXX.”

Percentage designation: “I give/bequeath to Cascadia Behavioral Healthcare, a nonprofit organization in Portland, Oregon with Tax ID Number 93-0770054, XX% of my estate.”

Residual designation: “I give/bequeath to Cascadia Behavioral Healthcare, a nonprofit organization in Portland, Oregon with Tax ID Number 93-0770054, remainder/residual of my estate.”

Tax Exempt ID

Cascadia Behavioral Healthcare is a non for profit organization. Federal Tax ID is 93-0770054

Giving Circles

Annual Giving Circles:

Community Circle of Supporters

  • Gifts up to $250 – Cascadia Friends Circle
  • $250-$499 – Advocate Circle
  • $500-$999 – Endorser Circle
  • $1,000- $2,499 – Partner Circle
  • $2,500-$4,999 – Champion Circle
  • $5,000-$9,999 – Luminary Circle
  • $10,000 – $24,000 – Visionary Circle