Bridging a Culture of Caring

Cascadia Behavioral Healthcare is Oregon’s community health partner. We have served Oregonians living with mental health and addiction challenges, chronic homelessness, poverty, trauma, and other health disparities for 35 years.

Our team members come together every day with a shared dedication to provide personal, compassionate care for 15,000 Oregon residents each year.

Yet, we can’t do this alone.

We rely on the generosity of our community to help individuals and families in need. Through the power of your gift, we can serve more individuals, provide critical support for those in crisis, and contribute to our shared goal of improving the quality of life for all Oregonians.

Together, with supporters like you, we are Bridging a Culture of Caring.

Our work is challenging and rewarding. Cascadia is at the forefront of caring for individuals living with mental health and addiction challenges; and who face chronic homelessness, poverty, and trauma. We are working every day to help those in need heal, recover and regain independence.

Our approach is personal and compassionate. We believe families and a supportive community contribute to an individual’s ability to heal and achieve improved health.

Our community of supporters is the bridge for helping Cascadia serve individuals and families in need.

Cascadia has embarked on the capital redevelopment to establish the new Garlington Health & Wellness Center. The Center will be home to one of Oregon’s leading integrated care clinics – bringing together mental health, addiction services, primary care and wellness programs – all in one location and caring for an individual’s whole healthcare needs. Our capital redevelopment will also establish a new affordable housing apartment building and addresses Portland’s increasing need for more affordable housing options.

This new community-centered campus will be Oregon’s first integrated healthcare center, with onsite affordable housing options, architecturally designed from the ground up and in collaboration with a nonprofit primary care provider leading a fully integrated, multidisciplinary healthcare team. To learn more about our philanthropic campaign to establish the new Garlington Health & Wellness Center, please Email us.   

This is a challenge for our community to help improve access to mental healthcare, addiction services and more affordable housing solutions.

Nearly 8,000 people in the greater Portland area experience homelessness or are without housing on any given night and call streets, alleys, park benches, doorways, building steps, cars and highway underpasses home. Many of these individuals also experience severe mental health or addiction challenges, trauma or other chronic illness.

This is an opportunity for our community to bridge a culture of caring for those community members who are living with mental health or addiction challenges.

Your gift today will impact lives in our community. Join us in Bridging a Culture of Caring.