The mission of Cascadia Behavioral Healthcare is to provide healing, homes and hope for people living with mental health and addiction challenges.

Our Vision:

We envision a future where everyone with a mental illness or addiction will receive integrated healthcare, experience well being and have a full life in the community.

The Values that Guide Our Work

  • WELL BEING: Our programs build on clients’ unique personal and environmental strengths, and we see ourselves as partners in achieving self-determined and self-fulfilling lives.
  • DETERMINATION: We approach our work with zest and enthusiasm, and we won’t rest until we’ve achieved our vision.
  • RESPECT: We treat others with care, and we work to understand the cultural implications we all live with.
  • INNOVATION: We encourage bold and imaginative solutions to individual, family and community concerns.
  • ORGANIZATIONAL HEALTH: We intentionally create a diverse workplace; a culture of caring about each other where all people thrive, allowing us to accomplish our mission.
  • KNOWLEDGE: We rely on effective and efficient practices to achieve positive outcomes and to spark innovation.
  • ACCOUNTABILITY: We are responsible to our clients, our community and our workforce. We measure our results to inform future efforts and assure equity in outcomes by having clear goals and objectives.

“Much of what we do is around building relationships.  We build relationships with our clients, with our co-workers, with our leaders and with the community; and we accomplish this with respect and a real sense of genuineness. The energy and ideas people bring to their jobs here is inspiring. They work diligently  to ensure that our clients get the services they deserve, they work hard on behalf of the company and they do this every day with compassion.”

– Alana Silverman
Human Resources Senior Director