Secure Residential Treatment Facilities

Secure Residential Treatment Facilities provide safe, highly structured community reintegration with a focus on prevention, skill building, and a holistic approach toward treatment. Each facility provides residents with supervised access to their community, skill building that promotes health and safety, and the treatment and stabilization of psychiatric and medical issues.

Secure Residential Treatment Facilities are staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with access to nursing staff on site, full-time. A licensed medical provider is available by phone for consultation at all times and visits each facility twice weekly.

“Residential programs are important because they provide the necessary bridge for individuals who are struggling with severe and disabling symptoms of a mental illness, which are impacting their ability to successfully live independently. Cascadia’s Residential Programs offers opportunity and support for individuals so that they can continue their recovery and ultimately lives as independently as possible in the community.”

— Royce Bowlin, Residential Services Senior Director