Respite Referral Information

Respite Referral Information 2017-11-22T15:56:19+00:00

Thank you for your interest in referring individuals to our home and community. Please feel free to contact us with any questions.

For the purpose of excellent care and the program’s licensure requirements the following items are required:

  • Respite health screening form, signed by an MD, PMHNP or PA
  • A Behavioral Health assessment, Hospital History and Physical or any (within a year) full psychosocial assessment. Progress notes may be included if relevant.
  • Current signed medication orders (psychiatric, physical, and over the counter)
  • 7 day supply of all medications (psychiatric, physical, and over the counter) at time of arrival

Referring a currently open Cascadia client? Respite clinicians can access the BHA, face sheet information, and psych med orders from the clinical record. Hopefully this makes the process easier for our Cascadia partners!

IMPORTANT: Ensure that the referral includes current Medication Orders signed and dated by a Licensed Medical Provider (LMP). Any self-administered medical care (client checking their blood glucose levels, client changing wound dressings) must also be included in the LMP Orders. Upon arrival to Respite, a resident should have 7 days of medication including insulin, and any medical equipment they may need (i.e. glucometer, syringes, C-PAP, cane, etc.).

Please do not hesitate to contact Respite staff with any questions or potential referrals that you would like to discuss.

If you have any questions, feel free to call 503-777-2278.