Turning Point

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Turning Point (TP) is a three-site program serving 129 inmates during their final six months of incarceration with the Oregon Department of Corrections (ODOC):

  • The Coffee Creek Correctional Facility (TP-CCCF) serves 54 women in a therapeutic community setting
  • Columbia River Correctional Institute (TP-CRCI) serves 50 men in a therapeutic community setting
  • Sanitam Correctional (TP-SCI) is a 25 client out-patient program within the correctional facility

The Turning Point program uses evidence-based interventions to address negative activity and substance dependence. We offer inmates:

  • intensive group and individual counseling to help clients recover from their addictions and related issues.
  • a strong emphasis on community reintegration, with focus on referral for housing, employment services and continuing care upon release.

Inmates are referred to the program and eligibility is determined by ODOC staff.

Turning Point Wish List:

  • Reading glasses in varying strengths
  • Art supplies (no scissors or sharps)

Contact us to help us fulfill our wish list.