Urgent & Emergency Services

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The Urgent Walk-in Clinic

Cascadia Behavioral Healthcare’s Urgent Walk-in Clinic is open 7 days a week from 7 am to 10:30 pm, serving all individuals residing within Multnomah County regardless of insurance, income, or age.  The primary mission of the Urgent Walk-in Clinic is to provide appropriate care for those experiencing a behavioral health crisis.  Services are based on clinical need and may include counseling, medication prescribing, referrals to affordable mental health, medical, and substance treatment, and other community resources.  All who seek help at the Urgent Walk-In Clinic meet with a mental health clinician trained to effectively assist in the most respectful, holistic and timely way possible.  Every visitor is treated as a unique individual with his or her own values, beliefs, culture, and life experiences.

Crisis Respite

Crisis Respite is a short-term community-based alternative to psychiatric hospitalization.  Respite occurs in a home-like setting within a safe and relaxed atmosphere, away from the stressors that may be impacting an individual’s sense of security and stability.  Residents at Respite receive three meals a day, interact in the milieu, and receive on-site support from caring and skillful respite staff at all times.  Individuals can continue working on their goals and maintain contact with their natural supports and any ongoing treatment providers in the community.  Crisis respite seeks to prevent the need for higher levels of care by providing a place to stabilize symptoms and strengthen community resources.

Cascadia’s Project Respond

Cascadia’s Project Respond is a mobile mental-health crisis response team that provides crisis intervention 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Project Respond is accessed through the Multnomah County Crisis Line or through a law enforcement officer and serves all individuals and families experiencing a mental health emergency within Multnomah County.  Project Respond often provides a brief follow up and referral after a crisis to ensure resolution.

Multnomah County Crisis Line, 503-988-4888

7am to 10:30pm

4212 SE Division St.
Suite 100

Portland, OR  97206


Cascadia’s Mental-health crisis intervention is for all Multnomah County residents, regardless of insurance, age or income.