Our Commitment to Equity, Diversity & Inclusion

Cascadia strives to keep people at the heart of everything we do: the individuals we serve, our colleagues and team members, our health partners, and the community around us. Wellness is realized when we focus our attention on the whole person through a trauma-informed, person-first approach to care. We are committed to providing a safe and welcoming environment for everyone in our community while enhancing our employees’ ability to bring their best, most authentic selves to the work they do.

Our Commitment to Racial Equity

Cascadia Behavioral Healthcare is invested in creating meaningful opportunities to engage employees at all organizational levels in the work toward racial equity.  Cascadia recognizes that racism, particularly anti-black racism, is a public health crisis.  By focusing on racial equity and anti-racism efforts, we influence both the culture and performance of the organization to meet the needs of our clients and employees.  We commit to being culturally affirming and responsive; to implement recruitment, hiring, and promotional practices that move Cascadia to more closely reflect and represent the communities we serve; to challenge ourselves to address health disparities and remove barriers to whole health care, and to hold ourselves accountable at all levels of leadership in implementing policy and practices put forth in this regard.

Racial Justice Response

  • White supremacy and structural racism has been infused in all sectors of our society.  Acknowledging the existence of white supremacy, structural and interpersonal racism and implicit bias is the first step to create healing and repair.
  • We also recognize that our healthcare system is not immune to practices, policies, ideas, and actions that create more favorable access and outcomes for the dominant culture. Taking active steps to unpack and dismantle barriers is imperative.
  • Lastly, racism is a public health issue that impacts those we serve.  It must be addressed. Our hope, our love, and our voices must name these structures to activate change.
    Racism Must End.

As an organization we aspire to:

  • Be culturally responsive to clients and ensure treatment effectiveness to all. We strive to have our staff composition reflect our community.

  • Create a work environment of inclusion, safety and acceptance.

  • Offer fair, open and transparent access to opportunities for growth and promotion for employees.

  • Be a leader in effective incorporation of equity, diversity and inclusion into our work with, and on behalf of, those with mental health and substance use challenges, including the support we provide to address trauma experiences and primary care needs.

  • Reach a broader group of clients: immigrants, refugees, migrant workers, and non-English speakers. We will continue our commitment to reducing the incarceration of the mentally-ill, people of color, disabled and other at-risk groups. Our services are responsive to the specific needs of underserved individuals.

  • Be seen as a great place to work and an employer of choice in the Portland market. We are known as a safe, respectful and reliable place to come.

  • Treat everyone with empathy and compassion in recognition and acknowledgment of the persistent exclusion and rejection so many face in this world.