Forensic Mental Health

Forensic Mental Health2018-04-19T14:39:17+00:00

A full continuum of care for people in the corrections system, and who have substance-abuse or mental-health issues.

These programs use evidence-based practices specific to those in the criminal justice system. Work in this area requires attention to both treatment services and community safety, and we maintain close collaboration and communication with referral agencies.

Services include:

  • Housing and 24/7 intensive treatment services for people under the supervision of the Psychiatric Security Review Board including case management, medication management, group therapy, and day treatment
  • Transitional housing that is semi-independent, with part-time support staff
  • Prison-based addictions treatment programs, serving inmates in their final six months of incarceration
  • Case management and outpatient services in conjunction with the Department of Community Justice

Hope Center Wish List 

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  • Sewing machines
  • Musical instruments (no drums or shakers)  

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“Cascadia is an excellent partner in the community and at its core is visionary in its approach to providing quality care within our community.  I have been very proud of our willingness to step up to the plate and provide visionary leadership when there is a need….Cascadia is in many ways an advocate for some of our community’s most vulnerable citizens.  As such, we seek to support and empower people that we serve as well as enlighten the community.”

— Eric Sevos, Senior Director of Forensics