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Check out the amazing artists and their work, celebrating the connection between whole health, women, and art.

Manda Borealis

I’m a Portland-based feminist artist. I am fascinated by the tango of feminine and masculine energies, and how it impacts the modern realms of love and abuse; within relationships with others and ourselves. Through art, I explore my personal experiences within these realms by showcasing the balance of the dark and the light.

The painting titled, “Mom”, a mixed-media painting showcases the inner struggle of a woman’s identity and how she is bound to society’s preconceived notions of womanhood and demands of life while submitting to impermanence. (Large canvas, 30×40)

Meghan Caughey

I am Meghan Jisho McDonald Caughey, MFA and I am a visual artist, writer, and musician. My drawings and paintings have been shown and published nationally, and my essays published in internationally respected books and journals. I have performed both symphonic and conceptual work on my cello.

In the first half of my life, I was hospitalized in psychiatric units over one hundred times, and had electric and insulin coma shock, plus was often in seclusion and four-point restraints. I am currently the senior director of peer-delivered services at a Cascadia, have designed innovative behavioral health training curricula and programs, and I am a clinical faculty member of the Psychiatry Department at Oregon Health and Science University. My visual art and writing sustain me, and my service dog, Ananda, is my muse.

I am pulled into the gorgeousness of natural, human, and animal forms. The brilliance of line and color will not let me rest. I must paint the emotion and forms that relentlessly hurl me into life. To live–art is essential. Imbibing the life force– is essential for making art. I survive because I am able to draw and paint the edge where I find myself.Sometimes the images tear me apart–but by painting them, I am transformed and made whole— the action and images restore my soul.

My memoir, “Mud Flower: Surviving Schizophrenia and Suicide through Art ” will be released May 1, available through Amazon and others in paperback, hardback, ebook, and audiobook.

Mud Flower by Meghan JM Caughey

Jamila Clarke

My name is Jamila and I like to tell stories.

I live in the urban wilds that are the Pacific Northwest, its cities, forests, and seaside providing a backdrop for my work. I discovered my first camera at eight and fell in love with film in middle school but it wasn’t until I discovered digital photography that everything came together. I was able to create impossible moments, narratives worthy of folktales and add a little magic to everyday life. When I’m not creating surreal and fantastical narratives, I’m hiking, reading sci-fi/fantasy, sewing costumes, or crafting.

The artwork shown here are two pieces that were part of HEART in 2018, entitled “She Would Only Watch” (part of a series about the seven deadly sins; this one is “envy”) and “A Circle of Words”.

Select prints are available on Etsy.

She Would Only Watch by Jamila Clarke
A Circle of Words by Jamila Clarke

Karin Conrad

1525 is a woman-owned and operated business based in Tigard, and specializes in creative promotional solutions that honor the identity and individuality of our clients. The small but passionate team loves helping companies bring their brands to life with promotional campaigns that leave a lasting impression. The companies that choose to partner with us value the expertise, experience, energy, and high attention to detail we give to each and every project.

Weina Dinata

I am an artist/designer and owner of Poppy & Fitch. I have a BA in Graphic Design and a deep love for plants, how they grow and how they interact with animals. I am passionate about leading creative native plant workshops for educational groups and private parties and helping educate about the purpose of native plants. I love being able to use my design skills to help people experience the beauty of giving the earth what it needs. I believe we have to plant locally and think globally. The plants we put in our gardens will feed the birds and butterflies and all the other wildlife around us. I challenge all of us to redefine beauty and perfection in how we garden. To me, the beauty lies on the ecological purpose of native plants and the cycle of life; we’re all connected.

Inspiring, healing, and connecting people with nature through my one-of -a-kind table-top living altar garden, capturing the beauty, versatility, and purpose of our PNW native plants for our habitat and community. Studying native plants led to self-discovery of accepting and nurturing what we inherited naturally and who we are unconditionally.

Kristina Bell DiTullo