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Community Resources

Cascadia Problem Gambling Program is committed to creating a resilient Oregon community that knows the impactful risks around gambling. Cascadia believes in integrating gambling education within businesses and communities.

Cascadia Educates Communities

Our highly trained gambling treatment specialists are happy to present on various gambling topics. Whether it’s to educate to recognize a gambling problem, or start a conversation at work, Cascadia can customize presentations to your needs.

Contact us today to find out how we can raise awareness within your community and what services we can provide. We provide free talks about gambling around the Tri-County area. Let us know how we can speak with your group or organization.

Cascadia Problem Gambling Program Helps Within Prison Walls

Since 2005 Cascadia has been working within the prisons, offering a program called “GEAR” (Gambling Evaluation and Reduction) to inmates. The GEAR program initially started at the women’s institution, Coffee Creek Correctional Facility (CCCF) in Wilsonville. Cascadia eventually expanded the program to the Columbia River Correctional Facility (CRCI) for men in Portland. Cascadia Problem Gambling Counselors have been working on problem gambling education within the prison systems and are changing lives.

Read more about GEAR here.