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Problem Gambling Services

Individual Counseling:

All of our clients receive free and confidential individual counseling from a highly trained gambling treatment specialist. Individual counseling provides a safe place to talk about sensitive issues and to learn new skills for addressing gambling and the effects of gambling. The client and clinician collaborate to create a custom recovery plan based on each individual’s experiences, circumstances, and preferences

Group Therapy:

Group therapy is probably the most effective intervention available for problem gamblers in recovery. Our groups provide education, expand insight, and increase confidence and competence for those who attend.

Check with your clinician regarding the availability of these groups:

  • Change is Possible: This group is designed for clients who are new to problem gambling recovery or who want a review of basic recovery skills. It serves to provide education on core topics that are part of a foundation of recovery from problem gambling.
  • Education: Focusing upon learning, sharing, and growing, group members are able to develop and utilize coping skills and recovery tools. Education and insight-oriented exercises help to increase awareness of problem gambling and in the development of strategies for managing the emotional and cognitive components that contribute to problem gambling.
  • Friends and Family: For individuals who are enrolled in the friends and family program; helps individuals foster hope, gain understanding of the addiction process, and develop a self-care plan that supports the unique needs of those who are connected with a problem gambler.
  • DBT Skills: Time-limited, modulated group sessions focusing on developing skills for distress tolerance, interpersonal effectiveness, mindfulness, and emotional regulation. Sign-up only.

Help For Family & Friends


For partners and family of gamblers, addressing the addiction is one of the most difficult aspects for a person seeking treatment.  Family and friends frequently do not know how to bring up the issue of addiction therapy. Cascadia helps family and friends in addressing the addiction issue while encouraging a supportive environment for everyone involved.


Involving family and friends in  focused treatment programs can be the deciding factor in successful addiction recovery by:

  • Developing an overall understanding of the addiction
  • Providing the education and tools to prevent enabling addictive behaviors
  • Educating family and friends on communication skills building a strong  support group for both the addict and the entire family

Online Counseling

After visiting one of our locations for an in-person assessment, you may qualify for online individual treatment, via Skype. This service is for those individuals, problem gambler or significant other, who are not able to come to one of our established treatment centers. This can be an attractive option for those who aren’t easily able to travel to one of our locations.

Click here to learn more about Cascadia’s Online Gambling Counseling.