Certified Behavioral Health Clinics (CCBHCs) are a result of the Excellence in Mental Health Act, and provide a comprehensive range of healthcare services to a particularly vulnerable population.

CCBHCs are required to provide nine core services:

  • Crisis mental health services including 24-hour mobile crisis teams emergency crisis intervention and crisis stabilization
  • Screening, assessment and diagnosis including risk management
  • Patient-centered treatment planning
  • Outpatient mental health and substance use services
  • Primary care screening and monitoring
  • Targeted case-management
  • Psychiatric rehabilitation services
  • Peer support, counseling services, and family support services
  • Services for members of the armed services and veterans
  • Connections with other providers and systems (criminal justice, foster care, child welfare, education, primary care, hospitals, etc.)

Access to CCBHC services can stabilize people experiencing crisis, and provide treatment for individuals with complex healthcare needs. Additional services are required to support recovery and health and wellness in a trauma-informed care environment.

Since October 2015, the Oregon Health Authority has been working to develop and implement CCBHC criteria as well as design an Alternative Payment Methodology (APM) to support the additional services required by the CCBHC model. While the State has been working hard to develop the infrastructure to support the CCBHC model, Cascadia and other mental health provider organizations across Oregon have been working to implement the criteria.

In October 2016, Oregon will submit an application to be part of a two year demonstration program to determine the effectiveness of the CCBHC model. Cascadia is hard at work implementing CCBHC criteria at three of our outpatient clinics:

Garlington Center Plaza
Woodland Park

In December 2016 SAMHSA announced that Oregon was one of eight states to be awarded the demonstration grant.