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Peer Support Groups are small closed groups that allow the participants to freely discuss topics that meet their needs. Peer Support Groups help to reduce isolation and while building community for the participants.

  • Peer Support Groups are held weekly at the same location
  • 5-8 screened participants *
  • Meetings are confidential and occur in a safe and supportive environment where members can talk about life’s challenges, changes, losses and successes.
  • Include our Gay and Grey group, a mixed gender support group for LGBT older adults.
  • Sessions facilitated by trained VIEWS senior peer counseling volunteers that are older adults (age 55+)

*Prospective members are interviewed to ensure a good fit and are asked to make a weekly commitment to the support groups.

Conversations on Aging provide an opportunity for older adults to come together and discuss their feelings and experiences on specific topis of aging. VIEWS’ Conversation on Aging discussion groups are:

  • A place for participants to share their feelings and listen to others.
  • Confidential discussions that are held in a private room.
  • Facilitated by trained VIEWS Conversation Facilitator volunteers that are older adults (age 55+).
  • 90 minute sessions that are most effective for groups of 8-10 participants. Conversations on Aging groups are hosted at various venues and are advertised in local and senior-focused publications, Senior Center newsletters and on the Calendar on the VIEWS website.

*If you are unable to travel, an individual peer counselor may be available to come to your home.