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Mental health challenges affect lives in many ways. Chronic physical illness, housing insecurity, homelessness, poverty, and trauma can exacerbate a person’s mental health and recovery. Cascadia sees the individual needs of each client and care for the whole person.

Gifts from donors like you share in our goal to improve the quality of health for all Oregonians and contributes to our culture of caring to build a healthier, stronger community.

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Give Today

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Imagine you are faced with a long recovery from a physical illness, but you don’t have a stable housing situation. Now, compound that challenge with financial worries, depression, or being a single mother of two school-aged children. It would take a toll on your physical and mental recovery.

One of our clients faced these very challenges until she started working with us. A counselor helped her get the treatment for her depression, coordinate her healthcare and apply for affordable housing. Before moving to her new apartment, our client was uncertain where she would stay the next day and didn’t want to burden friend for a place. Since accessing Cascadia, our client is thriving, has a new job, and a steady routine that comes from having a home.

When the people and families we serve at Cascadia achieve improved health and housing stability, we know that this gives back in many ways to our whole community.

Please consider a gift in support of Cascadia.

Make a sustaining contribution of $10, $20, $25 or $50 per month – a gift like this adds up and has a tremendous impact throughout the year.

Make your one-time gift of $100, $250, $500 or more today. Every gift helps, no matter the amount, and makes a difference in the work we do every day at Cascadia.

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